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Welcome to Clifton Lakes Fishery

10 sizeable fishing lakes set in 90 acres of peaceful picturesque warwickshire surroundings. The 'river avon' which forms one of the lakes boundaries.

Serpentine pool, the largest lake at clifton lakes can house around 60 to 70 anglers.there are some big carp in here, loads of bream and roach, some good tench and barbel. Other species are crucians, chub and perch.

The volcano pool, holds around 20 anglers and has some good stock of carp and roach. This is the deepest pool on site. 'The reed pool' is a shallow lake, again around 20 pegs, good carp and some big bream as well as roach and perch.

Twin peaks pool, the main big fish water, houses all species but you can expect some big bream to turn up.

Horseshoe pool, name derived from its shape. There are some good size carp in here, its worth a visit for some tranquil fishing that can throw up some very good sport.

Canal cutting pool, the width and depth of this match type pool holds lots of roach and silver fish like rudd, chub and small bream.

There are also some useful tench and these are handy in matches in the, Daiwa, Moat and Weir pools.

The site has excellent close parking to selected waters for disability anglers. Clifton Lakes is a wildlife reserve, natural habitat with a peaceful environment which everyone can enjoy fishing.